Hardcore Allstars PTR Launch Event

PTR is coming

PTR is coming and HCAS is excited to announce our initial coverage for the public test realm! HCAS will be covering a Race to Level Cap live on launch day. With an unknown level cap, coverage will track the top levelers for both normal hardcore play as well as solo-self-found (SSF). 72 hours post PTR launch, HCAS will host its first official Mok’Gora in a 64 player bracketed tournament! Players can register here (https://forms.gle/qabzc3RDTVWkwDwH7) for a chance to be entered into first round match ups and on to future rounds. Organizers will chose the final competitors at their discretion to ensure solid class distribution.

Competitors must be level 20

  • No faction or class requirement
  • No /played cap
  • No gameplay restrictions (trading, professions, dungeons, etc)

Tournament location, server, host channel, and prizes to be determined with updates posted as necessary.

This post is taken from the Official Hardcore Allstars Discord Server