Community Rules

We welcome and encourage everyone to participate in the Hardcore Community and understand that not everyone wants to Record/Stream, or has interest in being in the Hall of Legends. We simply ask that you play by the rules and be honest while participating in the community.


Welcome to the vibrant and diverse world of the Classic Hardcore community! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey. Our community embraces players who yearn for a unique gaming experience, tailored to their preferences. However, it’s important to note that our community is built upon a specific ruleset. Embrace the challenge of solo leveling and the thrill of relying solely on self-found items, NPC vendors, crafting, and quest rewards.

To fully immerse yourself in the hardcore adventure, we highly recommend utilizing our official hardcore addon. This powerful tool enhances your gameplay by providing essential features such as death alerts, which notify you whenever a member of our official guilds meets their fate. It also prevents trading, restricts access to mailboxes and the auction house, and enables you to pursue achievements that will be showcased on our website leaderboards when you submit your character data.

So, prepare to conquer the realm of Classic Hardcore with like-minded individuals who share your passion for a challenging, self-sufficient journey. Embrace the rules, embrace the adventure, and let the thrill of the hardcore experience propel you to new heights. Welcome to our vibrant community – a sanctuary for hardcore enthusiasts like yourself.

Community Rules

Death = Delete

You only have 1 life, if you DIE you must Delete character or leave it as a Perma-Ghost.

Auction House

No Auction House. No Player to player mail (collecting NPC mail is permitted). Your personal bank can be used.


Full Hardcore Dungeon Groups are Authorized but only 1 Run of Each Dungeon Per Character (unique dungeon ID).
Dungeon Quests Are Authorized.


No restrictions, all professions are allowed.


No Trading Of Any Kind with Other Characters (even for conjurables like mage food and water or warlock healthstones).

Forbidden abilities and actions

Warlocks can’t resurrect via SS, Shamans can’t resurrect via Ankh, Paladins can’t Bubble Hearth, no Light of Elune + Hearthstone.
No Using the Auto Unstuck Feature to Teleport to Major Cities.


All talents are allowed – go wild!


No Grouping Out in the Open World (unless you are en route to your Hardcore Dungeon).

Store Mounts

The TBC Blizzard Store Mount Reawakened Phase Hunter is not allowed to be used for Hardcore runs.

Gear & Items

You can use ALL gear that you self craft or obtain yourself via quests, drops or NPC traders (all rarities).

Buffs & Player interaction

World and Player buffs, and assistance are permitted, so long as you DO NOT ASK for them, or continue taking help.

PvP & Battlegrounds

You can engage in open world PvP and the STV Arena events, if you so desire. How ever joining Battlegrounds and using ranking and PvP faction gear is forbidden.

Duo & Trio Rules


All member of a duo or trio are required to have the addon, meet at level 1, and select your team in the addon before beginning your adventure

Cling together, swing together

You are Soulbound and share one life. If one of you dies, the other/s must fall on the sword and the run is over.

Class combination

You must choose a combo that spawns in the same starting location OR find a way to meet in the middle before any of you dings level 2.


You can trade any solo self found items or crafted items only to each other including conjurables and gold.

Stick together

You must stay in the same zone together eg Darkshore (unless you are a Druid going to Moonglade to complete essential class quests).


You must be logged on together at the same time even if not questing.



One dungeon ID, you may not reset the dungeon and go again.


You may group up and travel to the dungeon together, but avoid killing mobs along the way.


Warlocks are permitted to summon group members (from anywhere, provided it is solely for the purpose of moving them closer to the dungeon, and in line with Rule 3)


You are allowed to wait for respawns so that players may finish a quest.

Level Range

Your character level must be within the level range of the authorized level range (you can ding higher once inside).


Mages are permitted to portal out group members at the end of the dungeon.


Doing quests marked in your log as ‘Dungeon Quests’ as a group outside the dungeon portal is authorized.

Disconnect and Griefer Death Protection

If you disconnect during play and die you can appeal the death by sending a clip to a mod for approval. If you are unavoidably PVP griefed during play and die you can appeal the death. An unavoidable death includes being forcibly MCed into flagging for PVP and then being ganked. Anything avoidable, such as Teremus in SW, or attacking an NPC, will not be available for appeal. If you flag for PVP, including through a quest, and die to PVP this is classed as an avoidable death. Dungeon groups can only be run with other HC members who are following the HC rule set (regardless of recording or not). Choose your companions wisely and ask if they are compliant to avoid your run being invalidated. Any deliberate unavoidable griefing such as attempting to end a groups HC run by multilifing is open to mod appeal.

Verified Runs

At 60 in Classic ERA, you can submit your run for verification here. At 80 in Classic Wrath of the Lich King, you can submit your run for verification here. Verified runs no longer require a recording or stream of your journey, however it is still strongly recommended that you record as it is your only way of appealing a disconnect or griefing death. They do not require a Blizzard confirmation of no deaths. The Hardcore addon (version 0.7.0 or higher) is required for verification, and you must have it from character creation onward. Runs that began without the addon still require recording of the full run. Most achievements also require recording for verification, please check with a mod in the discord. Once your run is verified you will be placed in the Hall of Legends and gain the Immortal role in the discord!

Unverified Runs

We welcome and encourage everyone to participate in the Hardcore Community and understand that not everyone wants to Record/Stream, or has interest in being in the Hall of Legends. We simply ask that you play by the rules and be honest while participating in the community. Unverified runs are also part of the Disconnect and Griefer Death Protection rule. We understand that these issues can still occur for players that are unable to provide video evidence. Seeing as an Unverified Run will not be eligible for the Hall of Legends, we ask that you be honest with yourself and delete your character if your death does not qualify under these protections. If you are 100% certain that a mod would forgive the death if you did have a recording to submit, you are free to carry on with that character as normal.